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What is PUT doing

What can you do?

Deployment to Texas Coast

Dear PUT Alumnus and soon to be graduating class of 2017 and those who love and support the university. As you are aware the Texas coast has been hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. Many coastal cities from Corpus to Houston have been devastated.

While we rejoice with the initial reports of only two deaths and less than twenty injured, now, at least 14 deaths, including a Houston Police Officer, more expected. At this point we are dealing with rain and flooding on a massive, historic and catastrophic scale.

The slow moving tropical storm has flooded most of Houston and it is estimated over 50 inches of rain will fall on Houston and surrounding areas before moving off later this week. The nation is bracing for the storm to impact and flood many parts of the nation starting with Louisiana.

Currently over 12,000,000 Texans are impacted by this hurricane. Hundreds of thousands of people are without power. Fifty roadways have been closed just in and out of Houston alone, several reservoirs are at the breaking point and sinkholes are opening up on roads everywhere; and on top of that over thirty tornadoes have touched down and conditions exist for more.

What is PUT doing and what can you do?

  1. Dr. Edward Smith was deployed Tuesday morning from DFW to drive nearly 500 miles down to the Texas coast to the devastated city of Rockport.
  2. He is going to do needs assessment (also called eyes and boots on the ground)
  3. He has been activated and deployed in several ways as a chaplain and disaster responder in Rockport for Somebody Cares ministry. Dr. Doug Stringer is the President of Somebody Cares Ministry and spoke at the PUT Eagle Forum two years ago. Dr. Smith has worked with him many times including internationally in Haiti and Japan). He is also representing Texas VOAD (Voluntary organizations assisting in disasters) the non-profit organizations, Crisis Response Ministries (CRM), Christian Emergency Network (CEN), Police Chaplaincy and as the Chaplain and Dean of the Chaplaincy Institute of PUT.
  4. This puts him in the unique position of seeing what needs are unmet and what resources we can help bring in to support and help victims and first responders directly. He will be making recommendations on where to put donations to the right places and organizations.
  5. Please continue to pray! We need prayers for victims/survivors sitting on roof tops, panicking in flood swollen streets or feeling lost in shelters. We need prayer for our first responders who are tired. We need to pray for provisions for responding ministries and organizations that will be helping people in the immediate, the short term and the long term. This is only the beginning. The footprints of this storm are going to be felt for years. Pray that God will galvanize the nation and the Christian community to be the hands and feet for Christ in action as we serve as Good Samaritans to our neighbors.
  6. Give to PUT – We are setting up an accounts for funding to flow to assist Dr. Edward Smith, the places and partners he is vetting and working with to get to the people in need. Best practices have taught him that cash is the best, easiest, and most effective way to provide assistance. It can be converted to gift cards ranging from groceries, food, and gas and telephone cards. As well as diapers, baby food etc.

  7. So please pray, respond, give and lift Dr. Edward Smith up as he represents PUT and other services organizations.

    In the dark of storm is when people need to see the light of Christ shining thru His people!

    Dr. Karen Drake, President/Overseer & Edward Smith, Chaplain, VP PUT