Where Your Experience Counts As Credit!


You deserve credit for your life experience and ministry efforts. All the good you have done really does pay off at Phoenix University of Theology. Ministers and those in Ministry related field can complete a degree program at twice the speed and a fraction of the cost of a traditional degree.


  • His vision for affirming the contributions of pastors and leaders in the body of Christ and his pioneering work of attributing academic credit to those who equip Christian leaders for works of service was much needed and is greatly appreciated. I learned so much from him over the past several years and I know I speak for many others when I urge you to carry on the work that both of you worked so hard to achieve. May the Lord comfort you and keep you moving forward to even greater works; even more than you and the Phoenix University of Theology have achieved thus far.
    Bishop Wellington Boone
  • I received my doctoral degree from this most unique, most inspiring institution of higher learning in 2012.  It has become increasingly clear to me that every individual  who has chosen to advance himself in this life by pursuing an advanced degree from The Phoenix University of Theologyhas simultaneously chosen a life of giving, a life of sharing, and a life of loving. One thing is sure; it is certainly THE most critical, meaningful, helpful step that I have taken in order to find significance for my life and my mission.  I could not feel more complete, or more fulfilled as I move forward, adequately equipped to successfully complete my own “special calling” in life.
    Dr. Jerry Gaines
  • Dr. Drake was an inspiration to me personally. As the first and least likely post-grad student in my family, Phoenix University of Theology provided me the opportunity to pursue that part of the call on my life that I had felt least attainable and yet most important, that being the raising up of the next generation with all the tools needed to succeed in the world that Father has given us 
    Dr. Frank Hansen

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